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Placement Cell

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This world famous quote by Confucius holds a lot of veracity to date. When you really indulge in something that you enjoy, you do not see it as an obligation. But the problem arises when you are oblivious to career prospects and you start questioning your own potential. In these dubious instances, your college’s career services center or placement cell proves to be of great use for shaping your career path.

With the determination of reaching somewhere in professional life, assimilate one thing that: everyone starts somewhere and all you have to do is to start. If you are uncertain of your abilities, let placement cells at your institute kindle the light within you. In case you feel confused about any career related issue, consult placement cells and steer clear of the feeling. So have a look at how their working can help you.

What does it do?

Career Resource centers or Placement Cells in some colleges are the support providers which shape the students to a brighter future. Some of the greatest responsibilities of the college are embedded in the functioning of this department. By considering the facts mentioned hereafter, you’ll get a comprehensive framework of the center.

1 Career Counseling:

The main reason of consulting this department was your uncertainty about career prospects. With the view of catering to this need of the students, the Career Resource Centers have employed proficient counselors who are familiar with the contemporary industry trends. CRCs also provide guidance and mentoring for all choice based career options like Placements, Entrepreneurship, Higher Studies services.By knocking their door, you would be able to bring your thoughts to the table and in return, they would be able to guide you in the right direction.

2 Workshops:

Before expanding your skills and way before propelling you in the industry, the department will brief you about the requirements through regular workshops. Through these workshops, the students are given insights on the topics such as designing an impressive CV with the assistance of latest tools and techniques, the use of different applications, etc.

3. All-inclusive Training:

Placement centers have a full hold on the training activities. In furtherance of sharpening the skills apropos to recent demands, these centers conduct interwoven training sessions. Training on Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Quantitative skills. Employability Assessment Test is conducted periodically to check the progress of training and assess the skill level of the student for various sectors of jobs. Also training is provided on latest technologies which are relevant to the industry needs of today. From communication skills to clothing etiquette, these centers incorporate each and every aspect of your personality. This training is the tipping point which instills full confidence and desired skills in you.

4. Mock Interviews:

Interviews, for some, are herculean tasks while for others they are child’s play. Undoubtedly, it is all intrinsic to our nature but these things can be transfigured with some tactics. Now, those techniques which construct a smooth road to success, are with career services center workers-they know what needs to be done. So, with the help of mock interviews, your nervousness is reduced and one gets an opportunity to improve on the weak areas. This indeed proves to be a great help for the final face-off!

5. Internships and Industrial Visits:

For unveiling the real-life working and functions of any company, short industrial trips become an integral part of the curriculum. These are arranged and organized by the same department. Internships are another alternative to providing complete know-how of the company. Here, the students undergo training at the actual physical locations. These are of utter importance as they give the students the much required experiential learning. These internship programs let the students ponder their choices. Through these visits, the students are exposed to situations and more adapt to taking on the challenges as they venture into the professional workspace.

6. On-campus placement:

Placement centers are the driving forces behind on-campus recruitments. Those who work under the head of this department make a strategic alliance with a gamut of companies. During and towards the end of the session, companies visit the campus. As inexperienced candidate may face trouble finding a befitting job, so these centers actually help them in bypassing that trouble and become more confident and prepared. For instance, during the on-campus recruitment at VEDA DEGREE COLLEGE, the companies hire freshers as well.

All in all, consulting your placement center is always a great option for it resolves numerous career-related issues. Taking its working and functioning into account, placement center emerges as a helpful department. From counseling the students to boosting morale, it provides every possible help needed. While adding something more to your portfolio, it gives back-end support for a better career avenue to the student and in regard to this, one should never ignore it.

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